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How it works?

A leaking pipe, faucet, or blocked pipe can be really irritating to deal with. Not only it costs your time but also money to get it repaired. It's best to maintain your water supply system well so that you don't need to face any upheavals.

However, even after well maintenance, leaking pipes, faucets, and blocked drainage systems are some common issues. We are here to relieve you from your leakage turmoil by providing efficient plumbing services by expert plumbers at affordable rates.

We also have plumbers to setup drainage and water supply systems in your homes, flats, or commercial buildings.

All you need to do to get a plumber to fix your plumbing issue is to follow the below-given steps:

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Pranav is a microwave technician. He is a skilled professional practicing his art for 6 years. He has been an integral part of our microwave technician’s team for the last 4 years. Pranav is highly capable of repairing any brand of microwave ovens.
  • Bluestar
  • Godrej
  • Hitachi
  • Samsung
  • Carrier
  • voltas
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Are you also looking for professionals for your AC?

Book your AC professional now and secure your damage protection up to 10,000, and feel free to choose time slot according to your convenience.

(You can cancel at any time if your plan changed)

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of AC Service and Repair Professionals.

4.5/5 based on 248 ratings

I ordered a repair service for my oven, it was not heating my food properly. The technician reached my place in the morning and till the time my wife woke up, our oven was working like a champ. Thanks for this.

I ordered a repair service for my oven, it was not heating my food properly. The technician reached my place in the morning and till the time my wife woke up, our oven was working like a champ. Thanks for this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our plumbers are punctual and trained, they will reach your place in less than 90 minutes. We acknowledge, Leaking pipes and faucets can be frustrating and could waste a lot of precious water. Therefore, we connect you with expert plumbers in your area for ultra-fast plumbing service at budget-friendly rates.

Our plumbers are highly competent, they could do any sort of plumbing for you. Our plumbers have proven experience in installing pipes, drainage, and general water supply systems for homes, apartments, and commercial buildings.

If your bathroom tap has only a tiny leakage issue that is if it is only dripping, it would be a good idea to try yourself first to resolve it. If the leakage is due to any tiny hole in the pipe behind the tap, you can try fixing it by applying m-seal or any other thing to block that hole from dripping.

If it's your tap's mouth that is dripping, you can try screwing the bonnet hard or change your tap. If nothing seems to work or you find yourself unable to fix it, you can always have our expert's assistance.

That depends on how worsened your washing machine hose is. Our general rule of thumb is- let our plumber check your issue at your place for a minor visiting charge, then he would tell you how much will it cost to fix your issue. if you choose to get your plumbing done by our plumbers, the visiting charge will be waived off from the final bill.

When you choose our plumbers for laying pipes, drainage, and water supply systems, you not only get quality service at reasonable rates but also rework assurance and free service guarantee for a certain period of time. We are a customer-centric organization and we never let you go unsatisfied.

All about our Plumbing Service

We have a large pool of experienced and trained plumbers to fulfill all your plumbing needs. Our plumbers are experts in performing a variety of plumbing chores. Any time you feel stuck in a situation where you need an expert plumber quickly at reasonable rates, you can count on us. Here is what our plumbers can do for you.
Commercial and Residential Plumbing installation: Installing pipes, drainage systems, and water supply systems are what we are masters at. Our plumbers could install drainage and water supply systems for both commercial and residential buildings. We make sure to take your interior design and infrastructure into consideration while creatively setting up the drainage or water supply systems at your place.
Damaged water line repairing: Damaged water lines and burst pipes are common issues we all encounter in our homes. Such disorders in our water supply not only cause us distress but also waste a lot of precious water. It's our moral responsibility to get leaking pipe and faucets fixed as soon as possible. We aid you in accomplishing the same.
Leaky washing machine hoses
Many times, the houses in our washing machines get leaky. Any time you face such a situation, don't look further and get our expert plumber to fix it for you.
Water heater repair
Our experts are highly competent to fix your water heaters on any leakages in it.
Leaky sink or shower
If you shower or your sink a leaking, you can contact us right now and get our expert plumbers to fix it effortlessly.
Drain cleaning
Blocked drains can be very disturbing to deal with. Blocked drains can hinder your crucial daily activities like bathing, washing, etc. We don't want you to suffer from this trouble for long and therefore we provide our prompt plumbing service at your doorstep.

Mavens Care

Our platform provides the society with an exclusive platform to merely order repairing services and get their appliances fixed in the comfort of their home. We feel the joy in delivering quality services at your doorstep and satiate your needs. Get connected with us now for hassle-free services.


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