Who are we?

Mavenscare is an online platform that connects you with local pros near you.

At Mavenscare, we have a large pool of qualified, factory-trained professionals to fulfil your home services needs. We do offer you the expertise of skilled technicians, plumbers, electricians and other professionals at your doorstep.

Earlier our organization was known as Great Nations Resources Pvt Ltd. However earlier offline, our zeal to help people was always the same.

Nevertheless, the way we serve people has changed a little overtime for the better. To catch up with changing times and keep providing you with quality services at the best rates, we are now online.

Mavenscare.com website and mobile application were launched with the same intention to assist you.

Now you could get skilled professionals to serve you at the comfort of your homes with just a few clicks.

What We Strive to Offer?

In this busy hectic life, no one has the time to wander around the streets to look for the right professionals to assist you. And you never know if the professional you picked for your task is actually right.

You can't risk your costly appliances to any unknown amateur technicians, neither you would like to pay hefty sums of money to get your faulty machines fixed or serviced.

Moreover, none wants to waste their weekends searching and working to get their appliances fixed.

Here is where Mavenscare come in, we are of one the leading service providers in Delhi.

Our aim is to provide quality services by professionals at your doorstep and at the best price. Packed with exciting offers like re-work assurance and immediate service, our platform is the best to find skilled manpower near you.

Mavenscare is the solution to get the job done right with the right professionals.

Our legacy

Trust and experience are two of the factors to look for before handing your appliances to anyone. You would be glad to know we stand tall against both of these parameters.

Our professional are trained to work under various circumstances and to rectify any small and big problem with modern appliances.

When talking about experience, we are not new in the service industry. We have been helping people by connecting them with skilled professionals nearby.

We used to operate offline earlier. With the increasing popularity in the "order online trend", we are here to keep our customers happy and in the trend.

Values That Drive Our Organization

Our organization is driven by some virtues that every one of our workers adheres to. Compassion for what we do, integrity, customer satisfaction, and Work ethics are a few of them.

One of our prime virtue is customer satisfaction. Our commitment to customer satisfaction has enabled us to acquire such a large customer base over the years.

We don't just provide you with the assistance of skilled professionals at unbeatable rates but we also provide you with re-work assurance and excellent support to keep you delighted.

Meet Our Team

It all started with a stirring innovative idea to connect people in need of skilled manpower with nearby professionals. It would always have been just an idea if our team has not worked hard to turn it into a reality.

Ashutosh Kumar

Ashutosh Kumar is one of the leading brains behind Mavenscare. He is our technical chief who did all the hard work in creating this online platform. From coding letters into the computer to crafting an algorithm, he did it all very well.

Tarun Dev Kumar

Tarun Dev Kumar is our customer service head. He has been making sure to keep every of our customer satiated from day one. He believes we get trust and authority in return when we deliver quality to our customers.


Jaipal is the artist who painted our vision and made it evident to you. He is our senior Designer who brought all the puzzles together and made the platform look like as it looks today.

Let's Work Together!

Be a part of our family and get more customers.
Join our team of professionals and skyrocket your growth as a professional.
Mavenscare would always be there beside you to help you out by giving you suitable training and guidance.

Mavens Care

Our platform provides the society with an exclusive platform to merely order repairing services and get their appliances fixed in the comfort of their home. We feel the joy in delivering quality services at your doorstep and satiate your needs. Get connected with us now for hassle-free services.


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