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Best Disinfection and Sanitization Service in Delhi NCR!

All you need to do to keep yourself and the people you love safe during this pandemic is to get your home or workplace disinfected. We provide sanitization and disinfection service for every type of places like home, offices, and commercial buildings. Just follow the below-given steps to order a disinfection service and be safe.
  • Experienced and Trained Professionals with PPE
  • Safe and Hospital Grade Disinfectant Used
  • On Time Service Delivery
  • Best Price

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Best Disinfection and
Sanitization Service in Delhi NCR!

We provide sanitization and disinfection service for every type of places like home, offices, and commercial buildings. Just follow the below-given steps to order a disinfection service and be safe.

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  • Experienced and Trained Professionals with PPE
  • On Time Service Delivery
  • Safe and Hospital Grade Disinfectant Used
  • Best Price

"Safety Precautions is better than cure"

And here we came to our disinfection service

Our Disinfection and sanitization process is carried out in multiple steps. When you ask us to sanitize and disinfect your home or workplace of any size, we send our trained professional at your place.

How it works?

Why Disinfection and Sanitization service important now in these days?

Keeping our surroundings clean and safe is always best to avoid any kind of microbial or viral disease. Though the disinfection and sanitization services were always in demand, the recent Coronavirus outbreak has led to more people acknowledging the importance of it.

Viruses are organisms that transmits from one person to another at high rates and therefore viral diseases are highly infectious diseases. Though we could implement some safety measures like wearing masks to prevent viruses enter our body through our mouth or nose, it should be considered that viruses can even enter our bodies through our hands, legs, or any body part.

When you touch any surfaces like almirah, tables, chairs, accelerators, staircase, lift or lift buttons, there are chances you can get the virus from these hard surfaces. Virus and microbes are also present in the air and can enter your body through your eyes. For complete peace of mind, its a best practice to regularly use disinfection at your home, apartments, or workplaces.

Disinfection Kills viruses in the air with the process of aerial fogging, kills viruses on floors with mopping and kills viruses on various surfaces using surface disinfectants.

Disinfectant kills 54 types of Bacteria and Viruses.

Great way to keep your surroundings safe from Corona Virus.

Ensures the safety of your family members, your employees, and yourself.

Prevents cross-transmission of Viruses and microbes.

Prevents many other infectious diseases other than Covid-19.

Disinfectant and sanitization are also effective in Pest control.

Hospital-grade disinfectant for long-lasting sanitization and anti-virus effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Though disinfecting any place is a very good initiative in these pandemic times, it is more important than ever to disinfect and regularly sanitize places where people gather more often. Such places include workplaces, offices, and commercial spaces. Residential apartments should also use disinfecting service for the best. If you run a large workplace, residential complex, or office where people live or come to work, it should be your moral responsibility to keep those people safe from the virus. The best way to do this is by advising them to sanitize themselves regularly and using disinfection service at your place.

Sanitizers are more meant to kill viruses and microbes present on the human body but it should be noted that these viruses may be present on hard surfaces like almirahs, tables lifts, accelerators, staircase, or even in the air. To kill those viruses and microbes, disinfection is very much required. It would ensure the safety of everyone living in the or coming to the disinfected place. Disinfection is a complex process meant to disinfect air, floors, and surfaces

The disinfected area needs to be left vacated and unused for at least 2 hours post disinfected.

We use various types of equipment and chemicals to efficiently sanitize and disinfect places. Our trained professionals will disinfect floors with mopping, disinfect air with fogging and surfaces with surface disinfectants.

The disinfectants and chemicals we use hospital-grade disinfecatants. The chemicals or disinfectants would have no bad effects on humans. The only thing to do before the disinfection process is to cover digital screens, computers and turn off AC.

Our Experts are really awesome! isn’t it?

  • Our trained professionals have all the required PPE (Personal Protective Equipments) and disinfecting equipments.
  • We first analyze your place where disinfectation need to be done and then we prepare hospital-grade disinfectants and chemicals to fog at your home or workplace.
  • The chemicals, sanitizers, disinfectants, and even the equipments we use are hospital-grade and are environment friendly.
  • The disinfectants and chemicals have no bad effect on humans at all. Nor do our chemicals have any bad effects on any kind of surfaces.
  • Our trained and sanitized professional will use misting and fogging equipment and machines for disinfection.
  • All the sensitive devices like TV screens, computers, and AC are required to be covered before disinfectation.
  • The area where disinfection needs to be done should be enclosed before disinfecting with chemicals and should be left as it is for at least 2 hours. After that, the disinfected area should be ventilated for a minimum of 2 hours.

What do our customers say about us?

3.5/5 based on 248 ratings

I got my entire house disinfected in a single day. The team was very professional and equipped. I believe precaution is better than cure and so I would suggest every get their place disinfected. And their no one better than Mavenscare to do the job.
Rajat Verma Noida

Feeling relieved and secure after getting my office space disinfected. My employees were worried about the Corona outbreak and so was I. Therefore, I chose to get my office space disinfected, thanks to Mavenscare team for helping me out.
Pankaj Tripathi Indira Gandhi Nagar, Delhi

I live in a residential apartment where a lot of people come and go every day. I knew that getting our society disinfected is the need of time. I contacted the Mavenscare team to get my society area disinfected. Pleased by their fast response and quality service. Thanks.
Ravi Agarwal Gurugram

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