Things to Consider Before You Buy a Washing Machine

Everyone likes wearing clean clothes but not everyone is fond of washing their clothes. Whether we hate or love laundry, we need to accept that it is a very crucial daily life activity.

Washing machines make our laundry routines easy by virtually doing everything in just a click. Gone are the days when people used to waste tons of energy and time in washing clothes manually. 

And that is obvious, Why bother when we have a machine to do it in just a click? Thinking of bringing this amazing machine home?

Wait, before you step out and bring one home, read this quick guide. This handy guide will help you make a better decision and get the most out of your money. So here are a few things to consider while buying a washing machine.

1. Semi-automatic or fully automatic

There are different sorts of Washing machines are available in the market. Some are semi-automatic and others are fully-automatic.

What’s the difference?

Semi-automatic washing machines as the names suggest are not completely automatic. A typical army automatic washing machine has a drum for washing and another drum for drying.

In semi-automatic machines, you need to do some manual work to carry out your laundry routine.

You would need to fill the tub in the machine manually. Further, you would need to move the clothes from the washer to drier manually.

Everything is not automatic, Some efforts are also required from your side, this makes semi-automatic machines cheaper. So if you are on a tight budget and don’t mind working a little to wash your clothes, semi-automatic washing machines are a good fit for you.

One more thing to know is, semi-automatic machines consume less power, therefore saving you some bucks from your electricity bill.

The fully-automatic washing machines as the name implies are fully automatic. You don’t need to fill the drum manually, you don’t need to move the clothes from the washer to drier manually, it only takes a click to perform your entire laundry cycle.

This added advantage comes with an added price bump. Fully-automatic machines are quite costlier than a semi-automatic. They consume more electrical power.

2. Top-load vs Front-load

Now let’s come to the burning question- top load vs front-load?

Almost anyone who wishes to buy a fully automatic washing machine finds themselves in this dilemma- whether to buy a front load or top load washing machine?

The answer is it depends on your preferences.

Top load washing machines are often cheaper in price. In the top-load machine, you need to load or put clothes from the top. This way you don’t need to bend to while putting clothes in the machine. This may not seem like an advantage to many, but for those with back pain and back injuries, top load is a reasonable choice.

The most top-load washing machine has only one drum for carrying out both washing and drying. In a top-load automatic washing machine, water is stocked through a pipeline so you do not need to fill it manually.

Front Load washing machines

Front-load washing machines are powerful washing machines with advanced features. Unlike top-load, they offer plenties of wash programs and makes less noise.

You get only one drum to both wash and dry clothes, no this is not a drawback, the more is not always the better.

Front-load washing machines are quite expensive and bigger in size. You can’t add or remove clothes in the middle of a washing cycle.

The capacity

Washing machines are available in various capacities. Whether you want to wash single clothing, a bunch of them or the whole town’s clothes, most likely there is a washing machine to suit your needs.

Washing with basic capacity support up to 5-6 kg of load. Some machines come with a higher capacity to support 7-8 kg of load. And then there are some machines that can support up to 10-11 kg of load.

So select your washing machine accordingly.

Additional features and washing program to look for

Quick wash- this is a very common washing program in automatic machines. As the name hints, when you want to wash and dry clothes in a short span of time like 15-30 minutes, give your clothes a go in quick wash program.

Daily wash– Some clothes like undergarments need to wash daily. But as they are washed regularly, they need not be washed as thoroughly. Daily wash is a washing program for such clothes.

A specific program for woollens

Washing woollen clothes in the regular program may cause damage to them. Wollen clothes should be washed in a special manner to prevent damage. Make sure the washing machine you are buying has a washing program to wash woollens.


Cotton clothes are required to be washed in a particular manner. Make sure your machines have a washing program to deal with cotton clothes.


To wash synthetic clothes, many machines come with a washing program designed to specifically wash synthetic clothes.


The clothes would be first soaked and then washed in this washing program.

Bubble wash

For washing your clothes thoroughly, bubble wash is a very useful feature. Tiny bubbles can infiltrate deep inside the clothes and clean them better. 

Temperature control

Various clothes wash better at specific temperatures. So if you have a say in deciding your machine’s water temperature, it could be of help.

You can set high temperatures to wash cotton and low temperature to wash easy to wash clothes. This feature could also help you save some energy.

RPM choice

RPM stands for revolutions per minute if your washing machine allows customizing the RPM number, it could be useful in many ways.


An LED that displays the time for washing the washing program and other details convenient in many ways. Having one on your washing machine is good to have feature.

Fuzzy Logic

With the advancements in every sphere of technology, washing machines have also become advanced.

There are various washing machines in the market that comes with artificial intelligence and advanced features.

One such feature is fuzzy logic, this features controls the amount of water intake, detergent quantity, RPM, the.perature etc by evaluating the number of clothes in the washer.

So if you think such a feature is for you then better buy a washing machine with this feature.

Final words

So these were some things to consider while buying a washing machine. One more thing washing machine buyers may be concerned about is the brand. I did not talk about brands, as there are plenty of them and finding the best one only takes getting some reviews from people.

I hope this guide served the purpose. Thanks for reading.

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