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As you all know that the machines you use at your place are man-made. Hence, it might show of trhe dysfunctions depending upon the usage. It is not compulsory that all of the machines behave same. Different machines have different breakdown time or moment.
So, moving forward in this blog, we will throw some light on the most frequent Refrigerator dysfunctions and will try to make you understand the need for an expert treatment to your appliance.

Some Frequent Refrigerator Dysfunctions Are –

  • Water Leakage

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Digging it to an extent, the leakage mainly happens due the clogged defrost drainage system. Any sort of foreign object, debris, food items or garbage can easily block the drainage pipeline resulting in developing faults in your machine. Another reason of unusual water leakage is the frozen water drainage hose. And the best DIY is to power-cut the machine for sometime so that the collection of ice will melt down fast. As well as look for any sort of leakages or breakages in the hoses. If still the problem exists, do not take a second minute to book a professional.

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  • Cooling Issue

Don’t worry as it is the most common issue amongst all. But it might involve so many such as improper electric supply or some issue in the condenser fan. For electric supply issue try plugging it back in the socket, it will work as the reboot process for your appliance. And for faulty condenser fan, try to clean it with a cotton cloth or brush and rotate the fan from your hand just to check if it’s moving. If all these DIYs are not working than it’s time to call an expert.

  • Ice Formation on the Food Items

Rare but needs to be treated on time. This dysfunction might happen due to fault in thermostat. Book the Best Refrigerator Repair in Delhi but before that try to adjust the rotating knob andtry to find out if it’s working not.

Final Verdict –

We hope this blog will help you understand some common issues related to your refrigerator and the best ways to fix them as soon as possible.

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