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Some of the most frequent complications related to a washing machine are water leaking from the bottom of the body, mistake in washer, dryer, or spinner, fault in spin or drainage motor, clogged drainage outlet, unit recycling again and again, error on the display, and, so on.

Proceeding in this blog, we will throw some light on the most popular mistake i.e. water leakage and its causes.

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Some of the Most Repeated Reasons of Water Leakage Are –

Mistake in Water Pump

It is one of the most common reason of water leakage. Remember to take proper servicing and repairing at the time of need so as to lessen the chances of any sort of damage while the service. The utmost reason behind the same is your machine is getting aged. And demanding a proper treatment for it. Also, check the power supply, in case there is any sort of mistake or not.    

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Defective Tub Seal

The problem says it all. There is no particular reason of the same. The only solution is to get it replaced from an expert. Choosing any sort of DIY might result in absolute failure because to reach the tub seal of a washing machine, first you have to detach the spinner because the tub seal is fitted just under it. And without proper as well as necessary tools one can’t do it. Hence, it is suggested to hire the best trained, certified, and, experienced washing machine Repair in Delhi and nearby areas from Maven Care to get the defect fixed that too direct to your doorstep.

Clogged or Problematic Drainage System

If there is any sort of issue in your drainage system then it will for sure effect some other part of the washing machine as drainage is directly connected to spin mechanism. Hence, if your drainage gets affected, the issue of water leakage might arise.

Final Verdict –

We hope have covered some of the basic reasons of water leakage in your washing machine and tried to make you understand the significance of taking a professional treatment for any sort of mistake related to your appliance.

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