Can I Repair My AC At Home Without Booking AC Repair in Noida?

Remember, if you own an AC at your place you might require AC gas filling in Noida or neighboring areas for periodic check or gas refilling for your appliance.

AC (air conditioner) is considered as one of the most rewarding appliances these days. It helps you gain pure air, boosts up your mood, and keep you calm especially in the season of summers.

It is your foremost duty to take care of it at the time your machine is reflecting any sort of faults.

Some of the most typical issues one might face are water dripping from inner or outer unit, AC is making excessive noise or vibration, fault in compressor or its fan, gas leakage or need for refilling, etc.

You can simply hire the best AC repair in Noida and neighboring areas from Mavens Care to experience the perfection that too direct to your doorstep.

Proceeding in this blog, we will discuss about some of the utmost mistakes you might face.

Some of the Mistakes are –

Disturbance in Cooling

This is one of the most recurring mistakes of all times. There might be one or more reasons involved for the same. Some of them are irregular power supply, gas leakage, need for periodic gas refilling, fault in gas chamber, clogged air filters, and, much more.


Check the gas hoses on regular basis, if they are working properly or not. And if diagnose any sort of issue, book the most experienced AC gas filling in Noida and nearby localities from Mavens Care without wasting a single second as it might end up in total failure of your appliance.

Unit is Producing Excessive of Noise or Vibration

Normal hissing sound and little amount of vibration is acceptable due to compressor but if it increases than normal, you need an expert to treat it. The prime reasons behind excessive noise are clogged air filters, fault in compressor, mistake in evaporator coil, etc. On the other hand excessive vibration happens due to improper installation, fault in compressor or its fan, etc.


Choosing any sort of DIY is risky. The only fixation you can do is taking time-to-time check-up for your AC. Book the best trained and certified AC repair in Noida and adjacent cities from Mavens Care that too in the most inexpensive prices.

Water Leakage From Inner or Outer Unit

There are so many reasons for the same. Some of them are clogged waste water outlet, formation of ice inside the unit, issues related compressor, and, whatnot.


There is no other option expect hiring a professional from Mavens Care. The technician will visit your place and will let your know the exact problem and its treatment.

Final Verdict –

Hope we have covered some of the utmost issues related to an AC. We tried our level best to make understand the need for an expert too. For better assistance, contact Mavens Care.

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