5 Common Washing machine problems and how to fix it?

Your washing machine does a lot of your job, it makes your life so much easier by cleaning your clothes handily. When our washing machine stops working or doesn’t work appropriately, it really baffles us.

Washing machines are machines after all so they can have several problems that need to be fixed. Sometimes the problems are as easy to fix by yourself while sometimes you may need a technician to fix it. 

In this blog, I am going to tell you about 5 common problems your washing machine may suffer and how to fix it. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

1. Washing machine not draining

Your clothes won’t get cleaned until the washer filled with water and detergent spins. Water is needed to be there in the washer when it’s wetting your clothes but it is an issue if the washing machine is not draining water.

This could be caused by a variety of factors like there might be something in the drain hose or the pump, maybe something blocking the passage of water.

The solution is to check your drain pump and the drain hose connection and if there is something blocking the passage. Try starting and resetting your machine again.

Most of the time, it is easy to fix the issue but in case you still feel like incapable of doing so, you can always have our technicians do it for you.

2. Washer making noise and vibrations

This is yet another issue with a washing machine a lot of users encounter. The exact reason for why your washing is making a strange sound could be unique, but many times it is because of tub bearing that gets damaged by water. The possible solution is to replace it with a new one.

If you are skeptical about the exact cause of why your washing machine is making strange sounds or vibrations, then we advise you to get it checked by a competent technician.

3. Washer not running or stopping mid-cycle

Your Washer would only behave abnormally when there is something wrong with it. If your washer is not running or stops running in the middle of the cycle, then there might be something wrong with the door or lid.

The solution is to check it and to fix it if there is something wrong with the lid or the door. Get a technician to fix it if you think it’s not your cup of tea.

4. Slow basket or not spinning

 You will not be able to wash your clothes effectively if the basket is not spinning or it is very slow. The possible cause of this issue is most likely a faulty motor coupler. To make sure, check if you hear a rattling sound from the washer. If you do hear it, then it’s most likely the motor coupler causing you issues.

The solution is to get it checked and to get it fixed. If you can’t do it on your own, try taking the help of an expert technician.


These were 5 of the common problems with the washing machine. Your washing may develop other problems in it, most of the time restarting, resetting and master resetting the machine could help fix it.

However, many times the problem is rather physical maybe a faulty component or worn out parts. In any off the circumstances, a technician is your go-to aid. We provide home appliances repairing at a budget-friendly cost. You can bother our technicians any time your washing machine or any other home appliance troubles you. Thanks for reading and I hope it helps.

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